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Eastern Fire Door is a complete stocking distributor for commercial openings, from hollow metal doors and knockdown hollow metal frames to wood doors and coiling roll-up doors.  We employ an experienced staff of salespeople and estimators for all your job needs, no matter the size.  In our warehouse, we stock all common door sizes and frame depths plus many types of finish hardware in various finishes and grades.  We have three different fabrication shop areas that can meet all your custom requirement needs for wood doors, hollow metal doors and frames. Our welding shop can produce welded frames in custom elevations and can prepare for special reinforcements for all types of hardware. The wood door shop and the hollow metal door shop can modify any stock door to accept any size vision lite and louver. In short, we can handle all your commercial opening needs.

We are pleased to be able to offer such a varied amount of stock material to you. To make you more knowledgeable about what we carry, just browse the menu to the left. Each material has its own page, listing the available sizes and also additional information that might be useful, such as thermal properties, colors, and installation instructions.

Other information we have included on our site includes technical data that we feel will better help you understand your needs.   Please note that not all states have the same ADA compliance codes nor fire codes.  Consult your local inspectors for your area.

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